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About me

This blog is owned and curated by Matt Mobbs. I am a Learning Technologist working in Higher Education in the UK. The blog itself is named in tribute to my favourite book the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, however also it also provides a brief summary of my career. Initially graduating as with a BSc in Physics and Space Science, having failed to secure a job a NASA, I choose the next best alternative – Teaching. Originally training and working in the secondary sector, I developed my passion for Education as discipline.

I transitioned into Higher Education 2006, where I have remained ever since. Along the way I have worked in Pedagogic Research, Student Development and now work in Educational Development.  I have continued to develop professionally and personally. I completed an MA in International Education (Distinction) and have received awards and accolades including: a Times Higher Education Award (2011), Senior Fellowship of the Higher Educations Academy, and named a Distinguished Teaching Fellow of the University of Leicester, where I am employed.

I have recently started a Practice-based PhD in which I am developing an education design heuristic called the Flipped Classroom Learning Ecology. For the foreseeable the purpose of this blog will be to develop and share work related to this study. Nevertheless, this is likely to include literature reviews, links to resources and sharing of my work in practice, so hopefully will be of general interest. I have been advocating and actively blogging for a number of years, however I have recently migrated to a new platform and decided to start a fresh. I may occasionally delve into the back catalogue when appropriate. I look forward to connecting with reader and welcome comments.